Wednesday, July 08, 2020
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Barred Eagle Owl

This is an amazing shot of the predator with the prey. Contributed by Tong Yew Sum. This shot was taken at 4pm and it looks like the Barred Eagle Owl has been feasting the whole morning and afternoon. 

According to Tong Yew Sum :  "This happened around 4pm. The noise from my car must have disturbed it's flew from the left undergrowth and settled on a small low tree branch on the right of the path. I think the prey is probably a colugo(?) Three weeks ago at around the same area a hawk eagle (?) captured a baby leaf monkey but dropped it by the roadside as it was probably too heavy !"

From the remains of the prey's black-tipped tail and dark hands/feet, we think it is the Red Giant Flying Squirrel.

The Barred Eagle Owl is one of the largest Southeast Asian owls growing to 45-46cm tall. It is a scarce to uncommon resident in Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo, rare in Singapore. It's known to stay around the mouths of bat caves and feed on snakes, birds and rats. And now we see that the flying squirrel is also on its menu.

Thanks again to Yew Sum for your contribution.


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