Thursday, June 04, 2020
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Oriental Pied Hornbill

I have vivid memories of this bird. During a school field trip to Kuala Atok Educational Centre, Taman Negara, my mates and I were screamed at by a flock of these noisy show-offs while we were doing our morning cleaning up by the river. With toothpaste foam in our mouths and sleep still on our faces, we were a little annoyed with the din coming from above us. Still, that morning was a lovely memory of my first encounter with the common hornbill and it had started me off on my birding adventure.

The hornbills mate for life and I had a wonderful photo opportunity of this loving display between what must be budding lovers who were passing food to one another. You can almost see the coyness in their eyes. But I was being the unabashed 'lamp post' in this courtship scene.




Wild Pictograph

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