Monday, October 02, 2023
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Rufous Piculet

Yes the word 'tiny' or 'cute' comes to mind when you see this miniscule woodpecker. Heard this common resident of the Sepilok Discovery Centre pecking on Heliconia leaf stems. Sorry it's another shaky video but it just makes me want to go hunt for a better video. Am just happy to have caught something on memory and playing it back is great pleasure. The later part of the video shows a pair on the tree 'holding hands'? Curious moment caught on camera. Maybe it was just one stepping on another's toes. Happens even in the animal kingdom not just at work or home.  

This is one of the smallest woodpeckers in the world at 8 to 10cm in height. However, despite its size, it is conspicuous with its olive green wings and back and orange head and belly; and those oversized feet for gripping - reminds me of my Crocs or Goofy's shoes. When you hear pecking on palms or low lying bamboo, chances are it is this bird.  

Besides feeding on branches it often drums on them as a method of communication with its mate or other piculets.