Monday, October 02, 2023
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Crimson-breasted Flowerpecker

This little fella appeared right in front of my nose so suddenly, I wasn't prepared to capture it. Too close as well for the minimum focal length of the lens I was on. So forgive the really short snaps and shaky video. Will try to put up a better one if I see this guy again.

It was a really nice surprise to see this bird again because I remember the excitement of seeing it the first time in 1988 also in Maxwell's Hills (Bukit Larut). As you can see, the colors on the male would inspire any budding birdwatcher.

The Crimson-breasted is an uncommon to fairly common resident in Peninsular Malaysia; usually found on tree-tops in forest edges up to 1200m. But this one was seen among the ferns on a hillside trail up Maxwells. 

I hope I get a better video the next time I'm up there.