Sunday, December 10, 2023
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Collared Owlet

This one called out to be seen but it was tough spotting it. Good job Chin Hock was around to pick it out from the leaves and branches and also a bird wave running front, right and centre of the owlet. The quiet stretch of road leading up to the Kinabalu Mountain Lodge is a very productive area for birding. And that was where we caught up with this 360 degree 'head-turner'.

The first video was taken off a scope and cropped. As you can see, the collared owlet throws its call quite well with neck-baring bursts. With its head turn 180 degrees you will observe two eye-like patches at the back of its head to warn would-be attackers and also confuse them whether the owlet is facing forward of backward.

The next videos will show a glimpse of the back false eyes.