Sunday, April 21, 2024
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White-thighed Leaf-monkey

You know it's your lucky day when an adult leaf monkey feeds ten feet from you.

And you know how privileged you are to capture it on video.

A pair of these leaf monkeys were foraging on trees near the High Pines bungalow Fraser's Hill and slowly moved closer and closer to us.

We were quite surprised how tame and bold this one adult was when it just sat on a branch in front of about 10 of us. It just ignored our whispers and discussion and went on his meal, efficiently picking off a select 5-leaf creeper plant and munched them up.

The white thighed leaf monkey is clearly identified with light grey to white patch on the outside of its legs and dark to black extremities. Overall it is mostly grey on its back with white patches on its chest and beard areas.

Here's another video of the monkey lapping up the leaves in slow mo.