Saturday, February 24, 2024
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I realised in my study of fauna I had overlooked these fast flyers.  Maybe because I was more focused on birds whilst growing up in Taiping. I remember my dad had taken many shots of dragonflies at the Taiping Lake Gardens.  Only lately have I begun to appreciate these beautiful creatures of the Odonata order.  So here is the start of our dragonfly and damselfly series.


Rhodothemis rufa (Common Redbolt)

My first proper shot of a dragonfly; this was taken at the quarry at Bukit Timah Nature Park, Singapore. It perched on a vegetation just below the wooden deck and was nicely posed for a topview.

Rhodothemis rufa



Orthetrum chrysis (Spine-tufted Skimmer)

Taken at the Dairy Farm Nature Park, here is another red dragonfly.

Orthetrum chrysis



Lathrecista asiatica (Scarlet Grenadier)

Also capture at the Dairy Farm Nature Park, this is a very mature adult as the bluish tones or pruinescence are less prominent on the thorax for younger males which are more yellow there.

But isn't this a stunner?!

Lathrecista Asiatica



Orthetrum glaucum (Common Blue Skimmer)

Here come the blues. This common dragonfly was also captured at the Dairy Farm Nature Park. A very cooperative subject I must say as it perched nicely on the branch for a long period. I took a few shots then moved on to something else. 10 minutes later it was still there, so I made a few more shots to oblige.

These are the male versions with dark green-blue eyes, dark blue thorax and light blue abdomens with the last two segments darkened or black. The older males have more of the powdery blue coloration on them.

Orthetrum glaucum


At another part of the Dairy Farm Nature Park, outside the Wallace Centre

Orthetrum glaucum

Orthetrum glaucum



Trithemis aurora (Crimson Dropwing)

This is a true stunner captured at a pond at the Sungei Buloh Nature Park visitor centre. What a glorious pink!

Trithemis aurora


Trithemis aurora


Can't get enough of this beauty!

Trithemis aurora


Orthetrum sabina (Variegated Green Skimmer)

A green dragonfly which is common and widespread in Singapore, this was captured at Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve. Looks interesting with the thin abdomen and white end called the anal appendage. 

Orthetrum sabina


From a different angle and cooler white balance setting.

Orthetrum sabina


Brachythemis contaminata (Common Amberwing)

I hardly think it contaminates anything but such is its name. I wonder what the odonatologist was thinking of during the discovery; maybe it was because it was too common. This is the female version. Both male and female have the amber tinted wings and orange veins, hence its common name. The male has a orange red abdomen while the female here has a more brownish tones.


FemaleBrachythemis contaminata



Diplacodes trivialis (Blue Percher)

This one is the lady version of the Blue Percher so it is somewhat green. I had almost stepped on this as I was setting up my monopod for another shot. Good job it was on a brown leaf which gave some contrast to its green overalls.


FemaleDiplacodes trivialis




Tramea transmarina euryale(Saddlebag Glider)

Quite a pretty red abdomen glider with unique anal appendage markings. Taken at Sungei Buloh Nature Park.


Tramea transmarina euryale



Prodasineura humeralis (Orange-striped Threadtail)

Our first damselfly in this series was captured at Nanyang Polytechnic's central ponds. Said to be quite uncommon but I see it almost daily on my walk at the ponds after my lunch.


Prodasineura humeralis


Prodasineura humeralis