Sunday, December 10, 2023
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Attacus atlas

Recorded Width: 200mm,  Height: 95mm  -  Nanyang Polytechnic, SIngapore

One of the largest moths in the world with a wingspan reaching 220mm, the Atlas moth is a beautiful and majestic creature. I have seen it in urban settings of Singapore, as well as in the cool hills of Bukit Larut. As a child I remember receiving visits from this handsome giant in my hometown, Taiping. Though I was mesmerised and a little fearful of its size then, I am absolutely amazed of this moth now for its beauty and elegance, evident in its lifecycle, from the egg, to larvae form, then pupae, and finally the adult moth on eclosion.

 Attacus atlas

I found this Atlas near the end of its life on a walkway in Nanyang Polytechnic. The adult form has patterned wings with triangular 'windows' two in each its chestnut and brown fore-wings and one in the hind-wings.  

 Attacus atlas


This male specimen was photographed at the Nest, Bukit Larut. Attacus atlas

A lovely pair photographed by Liew Suet Fun at the Nest, Bukit Larut. Attacus atlas