Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Eight-legged and spins webs to trap their food - that would be the simple description I'd give to spiders. I suppose that would be over-simplifying these wonderful and mysterious group of invertebrates. 

In any attempt to capture imagery from the wild, you would be hard-pressed to leave out these eight-legged cuties. There are quite a number of interesting spiders in South-east Asia and here are some of them. 


Miagrammopes sp.

This Miagrammopes spider sets its long line web by a pond, holdsit taut by the front pair of long legs. When it feels an insect hitting the trap, it releases the sticky snare which springs back to tangle the prey. The prey here is the Orange-striped threadtail (Prodasineura humeralis).

Miagrammopes sp


Miagrammopes sp