Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Wild Places


These are some of the favourite places that where we had lots of interesting encounters with God's beautiful creations.

Bukit Larut

Bukit Larut or Maxwell's Hill as it is more affectionately known among my contemporaries, is a hill station that was built by the British as a holiday venue and respite from the lowland tropical heat. Chin Hock and I grew up under the gaze of the lovely range that this hill resort sits on. We started our birding on its slopes and the winding roads that were carved through a rich rainforest sanctuary for many species of flora and fauna.  It is such a good place to start and we were truly blessed to grow up here.

The place has certainly seen better days a decade or two ago when it was better maintained.  Sadly its glory days are over and on my recent trips there,  it was evident that things have gone quieter by the year.  

The quiet is however, good for the wildlife and we still get good birds up there.  Still, the tranquility at the peak is contrasted with morning din on lower reaches of this hill.  At least a hundred health fanatics trudge up and down the first few kilometres of the 12-kilometre tar road that starts at a government-run office cum jeep transport depot at the foot to the microwave station at the summit of roughly 1100 meters.

As mentioned in my article on the Silver-breasted Broadbill, the stretch between Hut (Cendana) and Speedies (Rumah Rehat Gunung Hijau) is my favourite spot up here.  Speedies rest house, a good spot for hornbills and flycatchers has now been converted into an education centre.

 Speedies, Maxwell's Hills, Taiping a.k.a Rumah Rehat Gunung Hijau, Bukit Larut

The jeep ride is one of the highlights of a visit to Bukit Larut. For RM6 ringgit you get a ride on the wild side. Here's a video a the journey downhills. Yes the in-camera stabilisers are on but what for?



Rainforest Discovery Centre, Sepilok

The RDC in Sepilok was founded in 1996 as an environmental education centre. It is located within the Kabili-Sepilok Forest Reserve which is also home to the famous Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre.

Rainforest view at dusk from the canopy walk

Besides being a good spot for bird and animal watching, the canopy walk offers a wonderful skyscape at sunset.


There are several easy trails around the forest reserve.